Mobile Applications

The following was developed as part of a start-up I started with some friends. I was responsible for the wsgi backend and the iOS application, while they built the Android app.

General Fun with Algorithms and Data Structures

As a fun way to refresh my memory, I implemented a lot of algorithms and data structures. I tend to remember everything I learned in school, and a lot of it I use regularly, but it seemed like a good use of time.

Django Applications

The following are some django plugins I've released

  • drf-coupons - pypi - A django-rest-framework application that provides many varieties of coupons

The following are some django applications I've authored or contributed to. They are good examples of using docker as well as different customizations available within django-rest-framework.

  • drf-storeit - A django-rest-framework+angular application for storing and accessing files on a local network through a web interface
  • drf-image-app - A django-rest-framework+angular application for organizing images. I developed this to organize a large influx of photos from an outside source. It works with and without docker.
  • holiday-gift-organizer - A django-rest-framework+angular application for organizing gift and gift ideas for the holidays.

AngularJS Fun

The following are some AngularJS plugins or applications. Although all my django-rest-framework applications above do come with AngularJS UIs.

  • dynamic-class - An AngularJS directive such that an element has a class added or removed based on its value.
  • Santa Angular App - An AngularJS app that lets someone pretend to submit a wishlist to Santa. The project demonstrates how to use Angular router and was just fun.

jQuery Plugins

The following are some open source jQuery libraries I wrote with varying degrees of utility.

Python libraries

The following is a start of a list of Python libraries I'm writing and releasing.

JavaScript libraries/modules

  • js-ngrams - Given English as a training language, randomly generate words or names.
  • js-modeling - Fun implementation of bigrams and trigram generative models as well as vectorspace text analysis.


Open Source

As part of my role at Google, I contribute to and maintain various pieces of OpenBMC.

Research Interests

  • Probabilistic Modeling
  • Networking
  • Operating Systems

Previous Research

  • Multi-Source Datamining
  • Graphical Models
  • Language Models
  • Information Retrieval & Document Clustering
  • Information Assurance
  • Computer Network (Attack|Defense|Exploitation)


  • P. Trinkle, Masters Scholarly Paper
  • P. Trinkle, An Introduction to Unsupervised Document Classification
  • P. Trinkle, Clustering Metadata for Improved Querying Proposal
  • P. Trinkle, Clustering Metadata for Improved Querying Poster
  • M. Corbin, P. Trinkle, Z. Bennett, Protein Folding with the Pentium III
  • P. Trinkle, M. Corbin, Learning the Perfect Strategy for Tic-Tac-Toe with Gossip
  • P. Trinkle, Dr A. Sherman, Simple Yet Effective Attack on Student Privacy (Wireless Privacy Concerns in Academia)
  • P. Trinkle, Wireless Security in Academia
  • P. Trinkle, Better Google Searching for Non-Malicious Users