blog/ Plugin Naming Conventions

10 Jun 2016

So it’s finally happened. I’m kidding of course, it happened only days after it started. I have no idea how to properly name something I’ve created. There are a few quasi-standards out there, which basically indicate you should name something descriptively with an emphasis on brevity and uniqueness. Basically short and sweet and avoiding collisions in the namespace. I have code that simplifies the process of checking that someone has granted you the Facebook permissions you requested. There is no Facebook builtin method for requiring them. You have to request, check, and repeat. Well, I’ve had this come up three or four times already when working on Activatr, and I’ve seen quite a few sites get it wrong – so I think I should take a stab at publishing my code to simplify it for everybody. But how should I name it? That is the question and although it sounds mostly irrelevant or at best minorly important, it’s actually somewhat important. And, once people start using it, you can’t really rename it. It’s like a tattoo in that way. Or really anything publicly immutable.

I have had a few ideas, and even requested help, but still haven’t landed a good name. Until I do, the code will lie dormant. Not really a big deal, but it’s all that’s really going on right now. Oh yeah, I’ve also been taking some time to reivew how to publish my jquery plugins for easier lookup; although Google search is probably enough. I will be formalizing a few, marking a version and then pushing them into, which is pretty exciting.